Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where in Coolidge Park is the race start and expo?
A. Just off Tremont Avenue opposite Chattanooga Theatre (400 River Street). Venue Map Here

Q. How long is a Marathon?
A. A marathon is 26.2 miles or 42.195 kilometers.

Q. Can I use this race to qualify for the Boston, London,  or NYC Marathon?
A. Yes. The course has been certified by USATF rules and we submit results to Boston Marathon.

Q. How long is a Half Marathon?
A. A half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21.0975 kilometers.

Q. How will the course be marked?
A. The course will be marked at every mile.

Q. How often will there be aid stations?
A. Aid stations will be approximately every mile. There are 22 total water stops.

Q. What kinds of energy food is at the stations?
A. Aid stations will be stocked with Gatorade and "Gu"s: 

Q. Is it hilly?
A. The course is "fast" and would not be considered "hilly' for East Tennessee but would certainly not be considered flat.

Q. Who do the proceeds benefit?
A.  A portion of the proceeds go to Collegedale Academy after race costs are paid. We also make donations to Chattanooga Triathlon Club and other non-profits who help with our aid stations and finish line.

Q. Is there a time limit for the Marathon?
A. Officially 7 hours, however if you cross the Dam by 11am you can take as long as you like. Because of a limited window on the road closure, we may move the last finishers to the sidewalk on Cherokee Blvd in the last half mile. The crossing of the dam begins at mile marker 16.

Q. Is there a time limit for the Half Marathon?
A. There is no time limit for the half marathon. Many participants walk the whole 13.1 miles.

Q. What Drink/Gel will be on the course and where?
A. Gatorade and Water will be available approximately every mile. GU will be at aid stations mile 6, 12, 18 and 24.

Q. Are stroller allowed?
A. Strollers are allowed. We just ask you start near the back, be considerate of the other runners, and don’t interfere with the other runners.

Q. Is the course certified? 
A. We are currently re-certifying for minor to start and finish but here are previous year's maps/certifications: TN17004BW (marathon)  -- Does not work on mobile.

Q. Can I get a refund, transfer, or defer my entry?
A. We can offer refunds for reasonable requests up until our shirt and medal order (Sept 1). After Sept 1, we can offer partial refunds or deferrals and transfers - no extra fees. The refund amount is reduced as the race date approaches. 

For transfers, please contact for a coupon code for the transferee (and to remove your original entry). For deferrals, contact to be marked as deferred. It's the athlete's responsibility to contact Jay after the race to get a coupon code to register for the race the following year.