Why We Love to Run

Runners come from a wide variety of backgrounds and can carry vastly different reasons for committing to run. Long-distance racing—from 5ks to full marathons—all tend to invite more new runners into the fold, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them.

The 7 Bridges Marathon carries the distinct title of the first marathon in Scenic City. We first began in 2011, and ever since, we have been empowering our community to get running and support our wonderful local charities.

We have gathered just some of our favorite reasons why we love to run—perhaps you’ll discover a new reason too:

We can meet new people. Eventually many of us grow up and become health-minded individuals who prefer to meet other health-minded individuals. Running lets us do just that.

We can run anywhere. Indoors, outdoors. On a track or sidewalk. In our hometown or on vacation in a new city. Running is a boundless adventure.

We can save money. We don’t need a fancy schmancy gym membership or pricey equipment. The only real cost required is a solid pair of running shoes.

We glow. Sweating helps release toxins and gunk that clog our pores, and regular sweating gives us a healthy glow you can’t fake with tanning beds or makeup.

We love carbs. While everyone else is ditching pasta, we’re enjoying our extra carbs while we train for a race.

We remember more. Regular exercise keeps the mind sharp and may reduce symptoms of dementia. Some researchers think that regular activity like running can protect the brain against Alzheimer’s, even if it runs in the family.

We rock. Studies show that people who run outside and see the world around them experience a better sense of self-esteem than those without a pleasant view.

Need another reason to run? Register for the 7 Bridges Marathon today!