Get Moving with Two of Our Race Sponsors

Hey, Chattanooga! Are you getting ready for the 7 Bridges Marathon on October 16, 2016? We’re excited to train right along with you and let you know about two of our fantastic race sponsors, High Point Climbing And Fitness and Fast Break Athletics. Both businesses are ready to help you enjoy your best training season, whether you’re running the full marathon, half-marathon, or one of our shorter races.

High Point Climbing and Fitness is among our city’s most unique climbing facilities! Featuring 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor climbing surfaces, it’s been called “the country’s coolest gym” by Climbing Magazine. A great thing about High Point is the availability of climbing areas for every skill level from young children all the way up to the most experienced climbers.

In addition to the climbing areas, High Point offers diverse cross-training and classes in aerobics and weight training, as well as yoga rooms—and even personal training. If you’re looking for a great way to shake up your routine, High Point is a great resource!

Fast Break Athletics specializes in the fitting process of running and walking shoes and has proudly served the Chattanooga region for more than three decades. This is Scenic City’s one-stop shop for gear for running, walking, swimming, triathlons, athletic apparel and nutrition. One of Fast Break’s most popular features is an upstairs women’s specialty section. The Fast Break staff is passionate about helping athletes in our community reach their greater potential, and many are well regarded as former collegiate runners, swimmers and triathletes who bring in their own expertise.

Whether you’re shopping for the 7 Bridges Marathon, or any other running and athletic needs, you’ll be pleased to find the best at Fast Break Athletics!

Jay NevansComment