3 Benefits of Running a Marathon

There are many benefits to choosing to run a marathon, and we hope you’ll join us to run on October 16, 2016! If you’ve never before run a marathon and you’re thinking about signing up, here are just three of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

A Stronger Commitment
When you sign up to run a race like the Seven Bridges Marathon, you’re giving yourself extra incentive to follow through with your commitment and finally meet your running goals. From the monetary commitment of registering for the race, to the community factor of supporting great charities around greater Chattanooga, you’ll be more likely to follow through.

A Valuable Feeling of Accomplishment
There are psychological benefits that go along with finishing a marathon. You don’t have to win the race or even place at the finish line to enjoy that thrill. Whether you choose to run a marathon to achieve fitness goals or to overcome illness, emotional trauma or other psychological setbacks in your life, the feeling of accomplishment will serve as an incredible reward.

A Healthier Lifestyle
Long-distance running can lower your risk of eye and prostate disorders and make dramatic improvements in your cardiovascular health. When you run throughout the year and make regular long-distance runs, you become an athlete cultivating a full-time healthier lifestyle. Some of the greatest value in running a marathon comes from the commitment to fitness most inevitably adopt.

Jay NevansComment