3 Top Myths Among Runners

Everybody has opinions about running, whether or not they do it, and every runner has different opinions about what works best for them.

Check out some of the top running myths for a more balanced perspective:

Myth #1: ALWAYS stretch before you run.
Warm-up is great, but it’s best to use sweeping motions that actually get your body warm and the blood moving. Runners should never hold stretches as a warm-up, because all it does is put stress on cold muscles. Opt for beneficial motions like walking lunges, leg swings, butt kicks, high knees and straight leg kicks.

Myth #2: Carb load before a race.
So many runners talk about eating pasta before a race, but a heavy and carb-laden meal the night before you run can cause digestive troubles. If your run is under two hours, don’t make any changes to your diet. And if the race is more than two hours, go ahead and up your carbohydrate intake… for the weekleading up to your race.

Myth #3: You need to run barefoot.
Despite the hype, barefoot running is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Not all runners do better as barefoot runners, and far too many people jump into minimalist shoes before getting used to them. If you decide to try barefoot shoes, go slow. Walk around in them first, then take them out for short runs and gradually build your mileage. You’ll have a better experience and avoid common injuries from a fast switch.

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Jay NevansComment