Running, for Kids

Sedentary lifestyles are clearly a problem these days, and many children are paying the price with obesity, diabetes and other health concerns. If you want to help your kids lead long and healthy lives, getting them into running is a great way to go. Here are some tips for the journey.

Make It Fun
Always prioritize fun running with your kids, and never use running as a punishment. You’ll foster better health and a love for the sport when you encourage your kids to participate and try their best. Whether they run or run and walk, let them know that their best is good enough and the point is to have some fun.

Teach Proper Technique
Don’t make running about speed or winning. Instead, teach your kids early on to improve their form to avoid bad habits later on. Common bad habits youth develop include excessive arm movements, twisting their upper body, and over striding.

Celebrate Participation
Don’t encourage your kids to be competitive about running before they’re teens. While they’re young, they need the encouragement to try and persevere for the fun and health of it—not a trophy.

Know Their Strengths and Limits
All children mature at different rates both physically and emotionally. Always have them run distances they are comfortable with, and don’t panic if they aren’t on par with their peers. This is about developing healthy habits for life.

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Jay NevansComment