7 Bridges Marathon


October 20, 2019

The 7 Bridges Marathon will begin in Coolidge Park on the North Shore of Chattanooga. Crossing the Market Street Bridge, the race will lead runners on a scenic tour of downtown Chattanooga’s bridges and riverside neighborhoods.

The half marathon course (13.1 miles) will accompany the full marathon (26.2 miles) over three bridges, splitting off at the Chattanooga Food Bank on the Tennessee Riverwalk. While the half will return over the Walnut Street Bridge and finish in Coolidge Park, the full marathon will continue over three more bridges (the C.B. Robinson, Thrasher, and Riverpark Bridges, respectively) before returning downtown to cross Walnut for the Coolidge Park finish. Come on and race!

GI Tips for Runners

Have you ever found your run interrupted by an unexpected and unwelcome urge to find a bathroom? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a fact of life that the more you run, the more movement occurs within your GI tract. Long distance running also impacts your circulation by decreasing blood flow in your GI tract to direct it to the muscles that need it when you run. The result is that many runners fall into one of two camps: having to go too much, or not being able to go at all. And of course, race day jitters don’t usually help any GI issues.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help reduce your risk of accidents:

  • Drink eight EXTRA cups of of water every day.
  • At least two weeks before a race or long run, begin taking a daily fiber supplement .
  • A few days before your race, try to limit your fiber consumption.
  • Keep in mind that warm liquids like coffee, tea, warm water, and even warm oatmeal can prompt your body to need a bathroom.
  • Try to avoid a change in your routine on race day. That means you stick to foods you know your body handles positively, avoid white flour and fatty or greasy meals, and try a new energy gel or supplement during training first.

What routines do you follow to enjoy a more predictable GI schedule when you run? Head over to our Facebook page and share your best tips!

Our Out-Of-Town Sponsors

Here at the 7 Bridges Marathon, we’re proud of the sponsorship and engagement that’s developed within our community around Chattanooga and North Georgia, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t hit the radar of others around the country. Read on to learn more about two of our long-distance sponsors.

Space Camp: Huntsville, Alabama
What kid hasn’t heard of Space Camp? Founded in 1982 to promote the study of math, science, and technology, Space Camp trainees get to experience astronaut simulators, take command of a mission to the International Space Station, and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

The trainees at Aviation Challenge® Camp are put to the ultimate test as they fly high-performance jet simulators, hone land and water survival skills, and practice leadership.

Space Camp Robotics trainees get to experience air, land and sea-based robots during their week-long stay at camp. Teams navigate waters using the Office of Naval Research SeaPerch robotics program, fly unmanned aircraft in our simulators, and engineer their own robots to compete in a space challenge.

Space Camp programs are available for adults, with special camps designed for educators and corporate groups. Family Camp Programs are available for children ages 7 and older.

GU Energy Labs: Berkeley, California
Since 1993, everyone at GU has been committed to propelling athletes to the next level by providing long-lasting energy, muscle-rebuilding fuel and protection, and natural hydration in a gel, powder, drink, or capsule.

This sports nutrition company began with the original GU Energy Gel, a revolutionary and effective method to keep athletes fueled and ready to seize the day. Since then, GU has continued to improve their recipe and introduce new products which make use of the latest scientific research. 2001 saw the launch of GU Electrolyte Brew as the hydration companion to their Energy Gel. They continued to innovate with their Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, Chomps Energy Chews and GU Recovery Brew. They formulate their products to further their mission: To help athletes go faster and longer than ever before.

Have fun visiting our featured sponsors on the web today, and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to register for one of the races on October 16, 2016!

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